New Arrivals

Sl.No Class No. Author Title
1 502 P8 Smith, Chris The naked Scientist
2 144 Q2 Lewens, Tim The meaning of science
3 530.15 Q4 Clegg, Brian The quantum age how the physics of the very small has transformed our lives
4 539.7092Q4 Butterworth, Jon Smashing Physics
5 113 N2 Barrow, John D Theories of everything
6 523.1 N9;1 Hawking, Stephen Black holes and baby universes
7 515.35 Q5 Deng, Yuefan Lectures problems and solutions for ordinary differential equations
8 512.5 Q5 Yang, Yisong A concise text advanced linear algebra
9 530 N1 Capra, Fritjof The tao of physics
10 523.1 P1 Hawking, Stephen The universe in a nutshell
11 509.05 Q5 Kaku, Michio Physics of the future
12 543 P7 Skoog, Douglas A and others Principles of instrumental analysis
13 541.361 Q2 Y V C, Rao An introduction to thermodynamics
14 620.5 Q2 Murty, B S and others Textbook of nanoscience and nanothechnology
15 620.5 Q1 Shah, MA and Ahmad, Tokeer Principles of nanosciense and nanothechnology
16 541.223 Eliel, Ernest L and others Stereochemistry of organic compounds
17 541.369 M3;3 Rastogi, RP and Misra, RR Introduction to chemical thermodynamics
18 547 N6;11 Solomons, TW Graham Organic chemistry
19 547.366 P7;4 Pavia and others Spectroscopy
20 541.22015122 P5; 1 Carter, Robert L Molecular symmetry and group theory
21 546 Q1 Weller , Mark and others Inorganic chemistry
22 547 N61;3 Carey, Francis A Organic chemistry
23 547 N7;1 Sorrell, Thomas N Organic chemistry
24 541.223 L5;4 Elile, Ernest L Stereochemistry of Carbon Compounds
25 547.0028 Q2 Das, Tanya and Banerjee, Amalendu Practical organic chemisry For the beginners
26 664 Q4 Parkh, Arun R and other Essence of heterocyclic chemistry
27 620.5 P5;1 Rathi, Rakesh Nanotechnology: technology revolution of 21st century
28 530.028 P5;2 Viswanat han, B and Raghavan, PS Practical physical chemistry
29 547.2 P9 Warren, Stuart Designing organic syntheses : A programmed introduction to the synthonb approach
30 001.642(540) N6;4 Raman, KV Computers in Chemistry
31 547 N7;1 Sorrell, Thomas N Organic chemistry
32 541.3 M6 Hill, Terrell L Introduction to statistical thermodynamics
33 545 P2;5 Vogel, Arthur I Vogel`sText book of quantitative chemical analysis
34 541.369 N8;1 Mcquarrie, Donald A and Simon, John D Molecular thermodynamics
35 541.394, L7;10 Laidler, Keith J Chemical kinetics
36 536.7 P0 Sears, Francis W and Salinger, Gerhard L Thermodynamics, Kinetic theory, and statistical thermodynamics
37 546 N91,P4;14 Atkins, Peter and others Shriver and atkins Inorganic chemistry
38 541.3 N51;5,P2;21 Atkins, Peter and Paula, JuliomDe Atkins physical chemistry
39 548 P8;2 Devmurugan,D Elementary crystallography
40 541.3 N4.3;2 Kapoor. KL A textbook of physical chemistry 5 editions
41 541.394 Q4 Raj, Gurdeep Chemical kinetics
42 547 P4 Sykes, Peter and Kishan, BH A guide book to mechanism in organic chemistry for the JEE
43 547 P31;2 Wade, LG Organic chemistry
44 539.14 P7 Andreev, Anatoil Atomic spectroscopy
45 541.0421 Q1;3 West Antony R Solid state chemistry and its application
46 541.3 N53;3 Silbey, Robert J Physical chemistry
47 539.7 Q5 Dogra SK and others Atomic and molecular spectroscopy
48 539.7 P7;1 Svanberyg, S Atomic and molecular spectroscopy
49 615.7 Q1 Gringauz, Alex Introduction to medical chemistry
50 620.5 Q5;1 Pradeep T A textbook of nanoscience and nanotechnology
51 543.07 P2;7 Chatwal, Gurdeep R Instrumental methods of chemical analysis
52 541.38 Q3 Kalaivani S Organic photochemistry and pericyclic reations
53 547 P4 Gupta, Subrata Sen
54 001.6424 M81;9 Kernighan Brian W and others The The C programming language
55 536.7 M1;5 Zemansky, Mark W and others Heat and thermodynamics
56 523.1 P10;1 Hawking, Stephen The grand design
57 530.11 P1 Bodanis, david E=MC2 A biography of the world’s most famous equations
58 547 M7;5,N2;13 Smith B Micheal March’s advanced organic chemistry
59 547.58 N8;1 Colin J Suckling Enzyme chemistry
60 660.281 N5;1 Hougen, O A and others Chemical process principles Part 1& 2
61 574.0028 Q5;3 Agarwal , Op Advanced practical organic
62 547 N6;10 Solomons, TW Graham and others Organic chemistry 10 edi
64 523 P6;1 Hawking, Stephen A brief history of time
65 541.3 L5;1 Adamson, Arthur and others Physical chemistry of surfaces
66 541.2 P1 Pilar, Frank L Elementary quantum chemistry
67 540 P4 Atkins, Peter Physical chemistry a very short introduction
68 541.223 P5;4 Nasipuri, D Stereochemistry of organic compounds
69 530.41 P02;5 Omar, Ali M Elementary solid state physics
70 540 P10;6 Gopalan, R Concise coordination chemistry
71 926.4519 P2;1 Abdul Kalam, APJ Wings of fire
72 541.35 Q5 Turro, Nicholas J Principles of molecular photochemistry