Name Dr. Abdul Rasheed K
Designation Assistant Professor
Contact No. 9847089519
Email rasheedkalladi1@gmail.com
Educational qualification M A, B Ed, NET, SET, Mphil, PhD & JRF
Date of Entry in service 04-09-2018
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Teaching area Modern Indian Socio- economic History- World History- Nationalism etc
Awards/Recognitions Kerala Legislative Assembly Model Parliament Best Debater
Research Projects, funding etc.
Indian Colonialism- Environmental History- Medical History- Mappila Mutiny Drought, Hunger, Mutiny and famines of Malabar (1876-78), Mphil Thesis Dept of History, Sree Sankaracharya university of Sanskrit, Kalady Drought, Hunger, Mutiny and famines in the Southern Taluks of late 19th c colonial Malabar-a study, PhD Thesis, Dept of History, Sree Sankaracharya university of Sanskrit, Kalady
Books/Chapter in books
Any other
1. EL-Nino, Drought and Famines; Historicising Climate in the context of Colonial Malabar SWASH. ISBN-978-81-907480-9-4. May/14 2. Meeting early Malabar famine Mutiny. IJLEH-ISSN 2229-3671.28/08/14 3. Food and Power in the context of Malabar Famine.- IJLEH-ISSN 2229-3671MAY/28/2015 . 4.Vakkom Abdul Kadher Moulavi: Molding ‘Muslim modernity’ Faces of Social Reform in Kerala ISBN978-93-5215-550-0 / 2015 5.Exchange Entitlement and Endowment failure in Colonial Malabar 35TH SIHC. ISSN-2321-7065 6. Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi: Pioneer in Moulding Muslim Public Sphere In Kerala / Secular Culture and Social Transformation: Kerala Experience, 7. Famines of Malabar1896-98:Newspaper Fact and Official Set- On Present(in/g) DC Books/ ISBN-978-93-5282-124-2/ .12/2017 8. Cholera in late 19th c Famines of South Malabar- National Books/ ISBN-978-93-87439-09-11/2017 9. Aspects of Mappila Insurgency in South Malabar- ISBN:9789387587397 BR Publication- Jan/2018 10. Hegemony of and Coercion by the British Raj and Native Janmis in the context of the Late 19th C Malabar Famine-35TH SIHC- ISSN 2229-3671
Seminar attended 1. A Talk on "Conceptualising theories of Migration With reference to Famines of Malabar".Mobility, Culture, Diaspora, Historicising inward and outward Migration;19/12/17- KHC- St.Joseph College – Iringalakkuda 2. Chaired a session on Singularities- Three Day International Seminar on Beauty and Society 3, 4 &5 Jan/2018 3. South Indian History Congress. 33rd Annual Session-15-17/Feb/2013 4. Film and Popular Culture in the Indian Context-08/01/2014 5. South Indian History Congress. 34th Annual Session-28Feb-2 Mar/2014 6. Swami Vivekanda Association of Science & Humanities. Trivandrum26/04/2014 7. Association of third world studies south Asian chapter-12/12/14 8. South Indian History Congress. 35th Annual Session. 13/12/14 9. Globalization and Predicament of Marginalized-04-05/10/16 10. VI Annual Session of Kerala History Conference11-13/11/16 11. I Ind Annual Session Kerala History Congress-20-22/12/16 12. 77th session of Indian History Congress-28-30/12/16 13. I l I rd Annual Session Kerala History Congress- 9-11/01/17 14. Workshop on writing Social History of Kerala, on 3/01/17 Kerala Language Institute, Trivandrum 15. History Methodology Workshop on writing down to writing up, on 16/01/17 - 21/01/17 Kerala History Congress, Aluway 16. Workshop on writing People History of Kerala, on 23/01/17 Kerala Language Institute, Trivandrum 17. National Workshop on Conservation of Records on 11-13 March 2016, State Archives Department, at Karikkad Temple, Manjeri 18. UGC sponsored Seminar on Tribal and Dalits Societies in Kerala at MES Kalladi College Mannarakkad, on 23&24 March, 2006 19. Erudite Scholar in Resident Program on The Question of Nationalism by Prof. MSS Pandyan, at SSUS Kalady on 17-19 December/2012 20. Two day seminar on topic Theories of Social Formation at GVC Palakkad, sponsored by collegiate Education, Kerala on 31/01/2013-01/02/2013 21. UGC sponsored National seminar Winds of Power: Perspective of European Interactions and the Making of Cochin, 21.22.23 march 2013 at SSUS Kalady 22. Erudite Scholar in Resident Program on Imperial Architecture of Vijayanagara by Dr. George Michell , at SSUS Kalady on 1march/2014 23. Gramsci Padanagal Barathiya Thathwashastratil (seminar), by M P Parameswaran at Gramsci Padanasangam, Trivandrum on 25/April/2014 24. Association of third world studies south Asian chapter, Sree Sankaracharya university of Sanskrit, Kalady on 11-13 December, 2014
Seminars/workshops /field oriented programs organized 1. Dr. Fabio Parasecoli-Food, Identity and Culture-international Seminar-19/02/18-KAHMU, Manjeri- Assistant Coordinator 2. Ambedkar: Past & Present, Invited Talk by Dr. K S Madavan on 2/2/18- KAHMU, Coordinator 3. West Asia in Turmoil- Invited Talk by Lirar,(MGU) PSMOC, Coordinator
Professional memberships Kerala History Congress- South Indian History Congress-Indian History Congress
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