Optimum Utility of facilities

Five key points of the Policy:
1. Cost effectiveness.
2. Optimum utilization.
3. Meeting the needs of the day and preserving it for tomorrow.
4. Buy back policy of books and consumables in laboratories.
5. Differently abled friendliness.
The College has well established systems and procedure for the maintenance and utilization of campus infrastructure and academic support facilities. The college has active committies that supervise the maintenance and optimum utilization of campus facilities. All the facilities of the campus are meant for the use and support of the student and faculty community and some of facilities are given for the use of the public. The stake holders have the freedom to utilise them in an optimum way so that they are left undamaged for the use of the upcoming generation.
The committies like purchase committee, canteen supervising committee, library advisory committee, UGC project cell, women development cell, hygiene maintenance committee, campus beautification committee, TCS Committee, Scholarship cell etc. are vigilant in adherence to optimum utility and maintenance of campus infrastructure and facilities.

1. Maintenance of Physical facilities
• The physical facilities including class rooms, laboratories, seminar halls, auditorium, computer labs are for the use of the students and other stakeholders, with the supervision of staff members of the college who are assigned duty as office bearers of these facilities.
• Generally a standard protocol is existing in the utility of the facilities. These are implemented as general rules of the campus and the stakeholders are educated about these rules through the college website and Academic Calendar& Students handbook.
• One staff member is given the charge of managing the electrical maintenance. He ascertains the uninterrupted power supply, generators, general lighting in the campus, working of fans and other electrical equipment and the solar power plant.
• The college often hires electricians, plumbers and carpenters for the maintenance activities. Service of the carpenter is hired for ratifying the damage of the furnitures.
• Hygiene maintenance supervises cleanliness of the campus. The over all cleaning of the campus buildings are done by the cleaning staffs appointed by the college. The service of the students especially those belonging to NSS, NCC and staff members are also ascertained in keeping the campus premises neat and tidy.
• The college has also appointed sufficient number of security staff for the college and the Hostel.
• The college garden is maintained by the gardeners appointed by the college. They also indulge in the maintenance of the green house established under the department of Botany. Campus beautification committee supervises these activities.

2. Maintenance of Classrooms and laboratories
• All classrooms are provided with adequate infrastructure needed for teaching learning process. Laboratories of science departments are equipped with necessary apparatus and for conducting experiments prescribed in the curriculum and are fully functional.
• All 7 science laboratories are provided with necessary shielding from hazardous materials and situations. Improved safety is ascertained through exhaust ducts, goggles, masks and first aid kits. Foam fire extinguishers are installed in these laboratories and in the verandahs of the campus at regular intervals.
• Maintenance of the hygiene of the class rooms, laboratories, furniture and teaching aids are supervised by the faculty member assigned by the department council. Skilled technicians / mechanic/ technical assistants / supporting staff are appointed to each laboratories. They take care of their respective laboratories and are the in charge of the house keeping. The heads of the department conduct the overall supervision of their department facilities and report to the administration about the necessary maintenance required, periodically.
• The heads of the department can also present their requirements, maintenance demand and road map in the annual academic audit conducted by the college management committee and IQAC jointly. The recommendations are often taken in to consideration and will be implemented as per the budget allocation of the management committee with immediate effect.

3. Maintenance of ICT facilities :
• The college LMS and website are developed and maintained indigenously by the faculty members of the college. There are separate committees of elected faculty members for coordinating these activities viz Website reformation committee and LMS monitoring committee.
• Mr. Subair P, HOD, Arabic is the chairman of the website reformation and maintenance committee and he regularly updates the college website with the new events and contents.
• Annual maintenance of the ERP, TCS is assured with installation of new softwares and upgradation. TCS is maintained by Meshilogic, KINFRA Techno Industrial Park, Kerala. However the implementation of time tables, class room promotion and creation in TCS is done by the TCS committee involving the participation of faculties from each department
• Technicians are appointed for the management and maintenance of the ICT facilities of the campus. The institution lends its computer facilities to conduct national level competitive exams and revenue thus generated is used for the upkeeping of ICT facilities. Repair of damaged ICT tools like printers, scanners, projectors, photocopiers and computers are done regularly so as to reduce e-waste.
• Campus WIFI is maintained by the service providers, BSNL and Rail-Tel.

4. Use and Maintenance of Hostel, Canteen and Non – Resident Student Centre
• The College provides hostel facility to all girl students in demand. A separate boys hostel with limited number of accommodation is also there, however sports students are given priority to this facility.
• The college appoint sufficient security staff, matron, cleaning and cooking staff in the women hostel. Charge of warden is always given to a lady faculty member. The administration of the hostel is done by the matron and warden in supervision with the Principal. The college office maintains income and expenditure accounts of hostels. Hostel mess is managed by the slected groups of hostel inmates in rotation basis.
• Nonresident student center (NRC furnished by PTA ) provides dining hall for the use of girl students and is monitored by hygiene supervising committe.
5. Maintenance of Library and Sport facility
• The library is updated every year in tune with the demand of the curriculum. The library books are marked, properly labelled and shelved in a maximum of one week time after purchase. All books are barcode enabled and its place in the shelves are updated in KOHA, the ILMS for library.
• Besides the librarian the library has the service of three supporting staff and one technician in the digital library. All books are inspected regularly to identify any damage or misplacement of books in the rack. Damaged books are send for binding and are revived in use.
• Annual verification of the library assets is done with the involvement of faculty members from departments and supporting staff from library.
• The sports equipment, gymnasium, playground and various courts are maintained and supervised by the department of Physical Education.
• Training of students in sports and games are organized by instructors. The department hire skilled professional trainers for giving training to students.
• Stock verification committee verifies stocks and infrastructure of each department every year.

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