Best Practices

Introduction of QR code
In order to save and also to create awareness of plant species including medicinal plants like Justicia gendarussa, Rauvolfia serpentina in campus our department has proposed tagging trees with QR codes. QR code will provide details about common name, scientific name, family and also the properties of the plant. The department has already completed tagging trees in the college earlier this year with the help of students, and now wishes to extend the initiative beyond that.
Star Garden
This was done with the help of students to create awareness and also to protect the plants. The Star Garden will comprise of 27 trees linked to corresponding stars in Malayalam astrology. We hope that planting trees linked to stars under which a person is born will create more awareness about trees and nature and help preserve them better. It is a strategy deployed by seers from the Vedic times. Star trees include the common jack (plaavu) and mango (maavu) trees and the less common nuxvomica (kaanjiram) and cluster fig (athi) trees. The more exotic trees linked to starts include the ironwood (naagappoomaram), Samudrakkaya (fish poison) and Arjuna (neermarutha) trees.
Herbal garden
This initiative was started with the aim that students get exposure to various medicinal plants and get knowledge about their useful effects including their source, botanical names, medicinal properties etc. Medicinal plants in our herbal garden include Justicia gendarussa, Rauvolfia serpentina, Justicia adhatoda, Curcuma longa, Kaempferia galanga etc.