Malayalam language newspaper

Source Name: Al Ameen
Location: Archives, Department of History, PSMO College.
Year and Date: May 1938
Materials: Scanned copy.
Documentation Date: August 20, 2021.
Document source: Dr. O P Mayinkutty.
Curator: Mohamed Haseeb N & Ms. Saleena M

Al Ameen
Al Ameen was the earliest Malayalam language newspaper published from Kozhikode, Kerala, India during 1924. Mohammed Abdur Rahiman was the founder and chief editor of the paper. This newspaper was started for supporting of Indian independence movement. In the period of activities of Indian freedom struggle, Al Ameen had taken harsh and attacking attitude towards Brit’s rules.
Muhammad Abdu Rahiman (Arabi Malayalam: محمد عبدرحمان, Malayalam: മുഹമ്മദ് അബ്ദുറഹിമാൻ, also Muhammad Abdu Rahiman Sahib; 1898 – 23 April 1945) was an Indian freedom fighter, Muslim leader, scholar, and politician from Kerala. He served as president of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (Malabar) in 1939.