Dr Abdul Rasheed K

Dr. Abdul Rasheed k is a good researcher and lecture of this Institution. He has sufficient Knowledge in his Research Interested areas like Socio-economic and environmental history of Kerala. He completed his Integrated M Phil and PhD in “Drought, Hunger, Mutiny and famines in the Southern Taluks of late 19th c colonial Malabar-a study”, from SSUS Kalady with the fellowship of ICHR, New Delhi. He contributed to 6 book chapters and published 8 journal articles. He supervised many projects of UG and PG students. He was an Invitee for local seminars organised by the nearby colleges and Question paper setter for various Institutes. He worked as a member of RUSA Research Net work Group representing our college and history academic bodies like IHC, SIHC, KHC etc.

Educational qualification
  1. M A
  2. B Ed
  3. Mphil
  4. PhD
  • West Asian Studies, Modern World,
  • Early Bronze & Iron Age Civilizations,
  • Problems of Medieval & Modern World
  • Debates on Contemporary India
  • Awards/Recognitions: Kerala Legislative Assembly Model Parliament Best Debater
  • Professional memberships: Member in South Indian History congress, Indian History Congress and Kerala History Congress
  • Academic positions: Coordinator NET/SET Coaching Center from 2020-21
  • Non Academic positions: Member RUSA Research Group
  • Date of Entry in Service: 04 – 09 – 2018
  • Countries visited:
  • Research (Area/Expertise,Research Projects, funding etc.): Economic and Environmental History, Socio- Cultural History of Malabar, Colonialism, Kerala Renaissance
  • Publications(Journal, Proceedings, Books/Chapter in books,Articles, Any other):
  1.  EL-Nino, Drought and Famines; Historicising Climate in the context of Colonial Malabar Swami Vivekanda Association of Science and Humanities. Trivandrum ISBN-978-81-907480-9-4 May/14.
  2. Meeting early Malabar famine Mutiny International Journal of Language, literature and Humanities ISSN. 2321-7065 28/08/14
  3. Hegemony of and Coercion by the British Raj and Native Janmis in the context of the Late 19th C Malabar Famine 34th Annual Session Proceedings of South Indian History congress ISSN 2229-3671 FEB/2015
  4. Food and Power in the context of Malabar Famine International Journal of Language, literature and Humanities ISSN-2321-7065 MAY/28/2015
  5. Vakkom Abdul Kadher Moulavi: Molding ‘Muslim modernity’ PF Gopakumar(Ed), Faces of Social Reform in Kerala, ISBN978-93-5215-550-0 Trivandrum/2015
  6. Exchange Entitlement and Endowment failure in Colonial Malabar South Indian History Congress. 35th Annual Session Proceedings ISSN-2321-706520-22/Feb/15
  7. 7. Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi: Pioneer in Molding Muslim Public Sphere In Kerala Secular Culture and Social Transformation: Kerala Experience Proceedings. KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri,1-3/2016
  8. Famines of Malabar1896-98:Newspaper Fact and Official Set Sebastian Joseph(Ed),Proceedings On Present(in/g),ISBN-978-93-5282-124-2 DC Books,December/2017
  9. Cholera in late 19th c Famines of South Malabar Kerala History Conference 4th Annual Session Proceedings ISBN-978-93-87439-09-2 National Books, Kottayam,November/2017
  10. Aspects of Mappila Insurgency in South Malabar Nationalism, Peasantry And Social Change in India ISBN:9789387587397,BR Publication, NEW DELHI, Jan/2018
  11. Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi: Muslim Adunikatayum, Keralathily Navodana Nayakar ISBN;93-87843-76-2, Chintha, TVPM 2018
  12. Mampuram Thanghal: Harbinger of Muslim Identity and Communal harmony Prof. S Sivadasan(Ed)Renaissance in Kerala: A Revisit ISBN 978-8-190178-35-8, Modern Books, TVPM 2020
  13.  Theorizing Famines of south Malabar (1850-1900) Sambodhi UGC Care list, Impact Factor : 5.80 ISSN2249-6661 January- March 2021
  14. Ecological Imperialism in Malabar Famines KALA, The journal of Indian art history congress, Impact Factor: 6.125 ISSN 0975-7945 Volume No. 27 No.1(xi): 2021

Seminars/workshops /field oriented programs organized:

  1. Coordinator of Food, Identity & Culture by Dr. Fabio Parascoli (Professor, Newyork University) International Seminar sponsored by Higher Education Council, Govt. of Kerala KAHM Unity women’s College, Manjeri 19/02/18
  2. Coordinator of a Talk West Asia in Turmoil: A Historical Analysis by Dr. Lirar Pulikalakath (MG University) Research Dept of History, PSMOC PSMO College, Tirurangadi 20/7/18
  3. Coordinator of International seminar on Lecture, Play back, Rerecording Restudy of Mappila Songs in bake Collection by Prof. Amy Catlin Jairazbhoy Ethnomusicology: Times & Tunes 4 edn. PSMOC Tirurangadi 22/01/2020
  4. Convener of International Seminar on Multi ethnic Musical Impressions: from the Arabian Peninsula and Beyond by Rolf Killius(SOAS, London) Ethnomusicology: Times & Tunes 3 edn. PSMOC Tirurangadi 03/09/19
  5.  Coordinator of Ambedkar past and Present by Dr. K S Madavan(CU) One day Seminar KAHM Unity , Manjeri 02/02/18
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