Lija Shaji

Ms Lija Shaji is a student-focused and committed teacher of this Institution. She is very dedicated and Research oriented to the subject

Educational qualification
  1. MPhil
  2. M.A
  • Awards/Recognitions: 
  • Area of interest in your discipline: Medieval Indian History, Gender Studies, Archaeology, Architecture
  • Professional memberships: 
  • Academic positions:
  • Non-Academic positions: 
  • Date of Entry in Service: 01 – 10 – 2021
  • Countries visited: 
  • Research (Area/Expertise, Research Projects, funding etc.): Modern
  • Publications(Journal, Proceedings, Books/Chapter in books, Articles, Any other): 1 . Pandya Chola conquest on Vizhinjam port, International journal of multidisciplinary Research,2021,2455-3662
    2. Arab trade relation and its Influence on Malabar culture, International Journal of Research And Analytical Reviews, 2021,2349-5138
    3- Modernization of Madrasas: Revival of Islamic education in Malabar, International Journal of Research in humanities arts And Literature,2021,2321-8878
  • Seminars/workshops /field oriented programs organized:
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