Core Values

The College had its beginning in the zeal of its founding fathers to serve a deprived section of the community, the orphans. Hence the whole moral edifice of the institution is built on the value of serving the community. The faculty and students are oriented to this founding value of the college by connecting it to the institution’s core principles and strategies. To learn and work at PSMO College is to learn to serve and live to serve.

Self Respect
Education at PSMO College is aimed at helping the learner understand oneself, leading to
developing the learners’ self-awareness and self-respect. The College holds on to the belief that self-respect is the core concept on which respect for others could be built.

Social Justice
A sense of fairness to all the members of the community underscores the educational philosophy of the College. At PSMO we inculcate egalitarian attitudes and a willingness to accommodate the other so that fairness could be made possible at political, economic and social transactions in the larger communities outside.

The ideas of service and care are intertwined. To serve is to care. Hence all relationships among the stakeholders of the College are defined by the willingness to care for one another and for the environment too. It stems from the ‘care for the needy’ philosophy of the founders of the College.

Rendering the learners competent in their disciplines, by all means, governs the teaching-learning processes at PSMO College. Knowledge wise and skill-wise, attitude-wise and value-wise, all the learners who enter the campus are made ready to join the world by the sheer competence they possess.

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