Department of Botany

Since its inception in 2001, the Department of Botany has been a hub of academic endeavours related to Plant Science. Scientific exploration of the flora and fauna and dissemination of the same through various researches based on the vegetable kingdom is the design of the department. The Department offers six semesters undergraduate and four semesters postgraduate courses in Botany with its focus on diverse realms like Plant Tissue Culture, Plant Taxonomy, Phytochemistry and Molecular Biology. The department is equipped with well-experienced faculty and a well-equipped laboratory and other infrastructure. Chemistry and Zoology are taught as complementary subjects in the undergraduate degree programme. In addition to this, the department offers complementary courses in Botany for Chemistry and Zoology courses. The Post Graduate programme in Botany was established in 2020 with a vision to impart scholarly proficiency in theory and practical sessions. The department aims to upgrade itself from a Post Graduate Department to a full-fledged research institution thereby serving society through various research projects that would help humanity as a whole. With highly competent and skilled students, the department excels in academic fields and other extra-curricular activities. To conjure up genuine interest in science and infuse the creativity and scientific temper amongst the students, the Department organizes several academic programmes. The activities including seminars, assignments, projects and field visits to research centres are conducted for the students intending to provide quality education with balanced basic knowledge of modern plants sciences and to expand their wings further in the horizons of plant science. The most distinct feature of the department is its herbal garden and star garden which would inform the passers-by about various plants.


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