Students Level Quality Assurance Cell (SQAC)

For collecting and co-ordinating the quality enhancement matters at the level of students and for decentralising the IQAC activities, a vibrant Students’ IQAC is constituted with student representation from all classes in the college. The list of student representatives is given below:

Sl. No Name of Students Class
1 Diya Saju C S1/S2 BA Eng
2 Hina CU S3/S4 BA Eng
3 Zakiyya Noofi CV S5/S6 BA Eng
4 Fathima Masna Kp S1/S2 MA Eng
5 Najiya Nasreen S3/S4 MA Eng
6 Sedeedha Nasri S1/S2 BA Econ
7 Jayasurya S3/S4 BA Econ
8 Saleek Rahman MC S5/S6 BA Econ
9 Sedeedha Nasri S1/S2 BA Econ
10 Nuha Abdul Nasar K S3/S4 BA Econ
11 Aneetta Unni C S5/S6 BA Econ
12 Ummukulsu S1/S2 MA Hist
13 Imra Nazer S3/S4 MA Hist
14 Fahmeeda K S1/S2 BSc Bot
15 Arjun M S3/S4 BSc Bot
16 Shahada KP S5/S6 BSc Bot
17 Hajisha S1/S2 M.Sc Bot
18 Henna S3/S4 M.Sc Bot
19 Mubashira K V S1/S2 BSc Chem
20 Fathima Afra K S3/S4 BSc Chem
21 Muhd. Ameen A S5/S6 BSc Chem
22 Adil Pary S1/S2 M.Sc Chem
23 Haneena K S3/S4 M.Sc Chem
24 Muhammed Labeeb Backer Cp S1/S2 BSc Phy
25 Muhammed Ashif A S3/S4 BSc Phy
26 Nihla S5/S6 BSc Phy
27 Shakira Pc S1/S2 M.Sc Phy
28 Afla VV S3/S4 M.Sc Phy
29 Umer Ali N K S1/S2 BSc Maths
30 Chandana K S3/S4 BSc Maths
31 Muhad. Ansad S5/S6 BSc Maths
31 Salome Grace S1/S2 M.Sc Maths
31 Ramsheena Sherin P S3/S4 M.Sc Maths
31 Fathima Huda S1/S2 BSc Zool
31 Ansaba P S3/S4 BSc Zool
31 Jamsheena P S5/S6 BSc Zool
31 Minha A S1/S2 M.Sc Zool
31 Sangeetha S S3/S4 M.Sc Zool
31 Amina M S1/S2 B.Com
31 Mohammed Irshad MP S3/S4 B.Com
31 Sahna S5/S6 B.Com
31 Muhammedmrishad Paredath S1/S2 M.Com
31 Sharfidha AK S3/S4 M.Com
31 Mohammed Razi S1/S2 BBA
31 Nadha Parveen P S3/S4 BBA
31 Jiyad Muhammed S5/S6 BBA

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