Inspiring Leaders

B. Pocker Sahib (1890-1965)

  • Prominent Educationist and Leading Lawyer
  • Member of constituent Assembly
  • Major voice of minority cause in and outside the Parliament
  • PSMO College is a a Testimony to his Legacy

K.M. Moulavi Sahib (1886-1964)

  • Founder President, Tirurangadi Muslim Orphanage Committee (1943-1964)
K.M. Seethi Sahib

K.M. Seethi Sahib (1899-1961)

  • Founder Vice President of Tirurangadi Muslim Orphanage Committee (1943-1961)
  • Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly from February 22, 1960 to April 17, 1961
CH Kunhahammed Haji

C.H. Kunhahammed Haji (1931-2012)

  • General Secretary of Tirurangadi Muslim Orphanage Committee (1983-2011)
  • Chairman PSMO College Managing Committee (1983-2011)

Kunhammed Haji epitomizes the most progressive phase of the institutions under Tirurangadi Muslim Orphanage Committee. As a lover of mankind he advocated the principle of harmonious development of human self. His consistency of character is reflected in his outlook towards all his cultural endeavors. He took over secretaryship on the demise of MK Hajee in 1983. Strictly in compliance with the traditions and the tenets of moral ethics he fostered a number of institutions including MKH Hospital keeping in mind the ever increasing needs of the community. He was keeping a close tab on the remotest possibility of corruption by any means by upholding steadfast integrity till he died on 8th August 2012.

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