Department of History

About the Department
Here at PSMO College, the study of history has been a cornerstone of the curriculum since its founding. Department of History is one among the prestigious departments at PSMO College established in 1972, changed into a postgraduate department in 1985 and became a research department in 2013. Regularly ranked among the top History Departments at Calicut University, we combine prolific, cutting-edge research with dedicated, creative teaching and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. The History degree gives you the opportunity to explore the past from many different angles, as well as the interaction between History and other disciplines, including Indian Constitution and Polity, Heritage Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology, Economics and Archaeology. The multidisciplinary approach to study using the historical, Anthropological and ethnomusicological framework will be helpful for research scholars and students to think about the history of Malabar and its socio-cultural connections within the Indian Ocean world and beyond differently. Analyzing History through political and economic lenses as well as cultural, social and intellectual ones gives you the opportunity to investigate any aspect of History.
Department holds four International functional MoUs with many institutes of eminence including the University of New York, Ethnomusicology Department, University of California, with Mr Rolf Killius Curator, Markenkurchen Museum, Germany and Heritage Society. Department established Bake and Jairazbhoy chair for Indian Ocean Studies’ headed by Prof. Amy Catlin, University of New York.
The history department preserves valuable artefacts, manuscripts and rich collections of litho press printing technology. The Malabar Heritage Digital Archives with a student-friendly easy accessible QR code system brings Malabar’s rich heritage and rare manuscripts to the students and scholars working on the cultural landscapes of Kerala.