Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent-Teacher Association is active in the college. It aims at the promotion of the all-round development of students. The PTA raises funds through donations from its members and spends them for the benefit of students such as increasing the amenities of students and helping the meritorious poor students to undergo their studies by providing scholarships.

The general body of PTA meets at the beginning of every academic year to elect the executive committee with the Principal as chairman and a member of the teaching staff as secretary. Class wise PTA meetings are held twice a year, which help the parents to evaluate and ascertain the performance of their wards and discuss measures for improvement with the teachers concerned.

PTA Executive Committee
President : Dr. Azeez K. (Principal) 7510782005
Secretary: Mr. Noushad Chengodan 9847315863
Vice President: Prof. AB Moideenkutty 94475 30013

Teacher representatives
1. Ms. Najiya Maryam. 8893631213
2. Dr. Abdul Naser V. 8078154160
3. Dr. Basheer M.C. 9947287090
4. Mr. Abdul Rahoof P. 9497623608
Parent Representatives
5. Mr Manoj Kumar P S 9846555240
6. Ms. Naseema 9745660522
7. Mr. Anwar P.O  99472 60260