Our Campus
PSMO College offers an academic platform for its students of various backgrounds to find their niche in the fields of Education, Research and Leadership.

The College, besides being the knowledge hub of the region, inculcates moral values of Truth, Dharma, Ahimsa and Selfless Service into its student community adhering to the teachings of the father of our nation. Being part of a vivacious blend of various communities and cultures, the college looks forward to positively transforming the visage of Malabar region by uplifting the marginalized sections of the society and standing up for an inclusive campus


The college conducts annual lecture series by providing engaging sessions by nationally and internationally acclaimed scholars, critics and artists. The series is open to the public free of cost.


The College maintains an active program of Arts Festivals. The General Auditorium, located on the Eastern side of the College, is open to the public also.

PSMO has a full fledged publication division which encourages the teachers to publish their books. The institution also caters to the interests of students to publish magazines, both digital and print. The college annually brings out the printed face of PSMO in the form the newsletter, ESENCIA which includes all the academic and non-academic activities of the college. Esencia is divided into three parts titled Academia, Realia and Athletica which explicates the academic, extracurricular and the sports related activities respectively.

PSMO Conducts workshops for student and teachers in and around the institution for the development of knowledge impartation and expansion.

Digital Library

The college has a fully computerized general library with an area of 557.4 sq. Mtrs

Modern Lab Facilities

Well equipped Laboratories are available for UG and PG Science students at the campus.

Network Resource Centre

The students can access Network resources from the centre in addition to the digital library fecility.

Gym, Store, Refreshment Stall etc

Students have all their needs met at the separate sections during their course.

Students Huddle

Our Students can utilize this facility to take photos, selfies and to rest in this open area

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is set specially for Science Students to learn about rare plants, its growth, methods of planting etc. This is also open to all

Star Garden

Star Garden is another area for rare plants cultivated in the campus

Butteflies Garden

Observing butterflies and their life process is a task for science subjects