Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement Initiatives Of the College

PSMO College Tirurangadi organizes various programmes for developing soft skills among the students to enable the students to choose their career as per their aspiration with excellent personal, interpersonal and social attributes. Soft skills comprise Skills for attending Interviews, skills for Group Discussion, skills for placement, Resume Preparation, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, attitudes, career attributes, social intelligence, emotional intelligence quotients etc. that enable students to choose their career, work well with others, work in groups and perform well and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills. Soft skills are desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge
The programmes organized for the development of soft skills for the students are:
Classes by trained counsellors, soft skill Trainers, Additional Skill Acquisition Program(ASAP) trainers, psychologists and IT specialists. Programs like Training for stress management, training for attending Interviews, Training for attending group discussions, Personal Counselling, Sessions for preparing Resumes, Aptitude tests, Book reading competitions for developing reading skills, Magazine preparation for inculcating creativity and writing skills, Best manager and Management Meets for developing leadership skill, managerial skill, organising skill, seminars and webinars of Skilled personalities and entrepreneurs and sessions for providing tips to attend competitive exams and certificate courses in stock market investment. Interview training, GD etc are being offered to the students in nearby colleges.

To improve the communication skills of students, the following initiatives are being  undertaken at the college:
Reading  Corner: A concept introduced by the Department of Commerce and Department of Malayalam in which, an open space in the Department is marked down for gathering students of  UG or PG programme of the department to come there and read English Dailies and magazines.  The students can spend their off time and lunch break reading these dailies.
Language Lab: A separate language lab is functioning in the college where computers, audio-visual facilities are available for Students to conduct classes for improving their communication skills…
Public addressing by students: Selected students are allowed to use the public address system through college radio programmes.  During the lunch break and they can present their skills, ideas, innovations etc. before the entire college community through the radio
Departments are providing courses for the students in communicative English for bringing the students in the mainstream who lacks the skill of writing and speaking in English. Courses in Arabi Malayalam have also been provided to the students with the initiative of the Department of History.
Group Discussions, Seminar presentations etc are conducted by various departments to improve the presentation and communication skills of the students.

1. YOGA Various programmes including Yoga classes, Yoga Day celebration, Yoga demonstration etc are regularly conducted in the college. Some of our faculty members and former faculty members are trained Yoga experts and their expertise is utilised for the effective implementation of these programmes.
2. PHYSICAL FITNESS The college has a remarkable tradition in sports & games and the college has produced many universities, state and national and international players of powerlifting, national players on valley ball, tennis etc. We have the facility of a good tennis court, upon which the public are also provided access
3. Stress Management sessions under counselling programs
4. Hands-on training for making essential items like cleaning products and detergents
5. Craft Mela for supporting the students for providing a platform for  making and marketing  handicraft products  by the students
5. Students are provided case studies for developing problem-solving skill
6. Workshop on paper pen making, cloth bag making, organic henna making etc. for developing life skills and environmental consciousness.
7, Premarital counselling programs

4. ICT and Computing Skill
For developing ICT and computing skills among the students, the college conducts programs like
1. Workshop on Excel and PowerPoint- All kinds of functions available in Excel and their application for data analysis are also covered under the workshop.
2. Workshop on Accounting software like Tally, ZOHO Books etc to equip the students about the use of software for maintaining accounts in an organisation.
3. Workshop on Statistical package on Social Science are generally conducted for the students to equip them to analyse their project data using the software SPSS
4. Certificate course in basic computational astrophysics using SDSS and SQL
5.  Course in programming in python and Course in Digital topography using Latex are conducted for the students to develop their programming skill and computing skill
6. Computer-assisted physics learning and digital typography using latex
7. To improve their computing skill, a course in Vedic mathematics has also been provided to the students.

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