5-Day Hands-on Training on Elemental Analysis

5-Day Hands-on Training on Elemental Analysis

Event Date and Time: From  9/8/2021 15:45:00 to 9/12/2021 21:15:00 
Mode of Event: Google meet 
Link of Participation: The link of each session will be shared with the registered participants

With great pleasure, we invite you for a 5-Day hands-on training on “Elemental Analysis” organized by the Department of Physics, PSMO College, Tirurangadi in association with SIAS Research Forum. The participants will get trained to analyze different kinds of samples.

Course Module:

– Introduction to the advanced options in MATCH! Software & phase identification using MATCH! Software
– Scanning electron microscopy and elemental analysis techniques for material characterization (SEM, EDS)
– Scanning Probe Microscopy – A Microscopic technique to study surface properties in the nanoscale (AFM, FESEM, EFM, MFM, STM and I-AFM)
– Analysis of TEM data
– Analysis of XPS data

The sessions will be handled by experts from India and abroad. For registration and other details please click on the link given below

If you are interested to join, please contact us:
Dr Rashidtp
Mob: +919786938011