Institutional policy for the award of scholarships/freeships and endowments

Pocker Sahib Memorial Orphanage College has always been pleased to help the poor and needy students on campus. The motto of the college is “no student shall be devoid of education and food due to lack of means”. With the support of the alumni association, The college mobilises fund from various sources, particularly through various alumni chapters, and distribute to deserving students for the purchase of study materials, such as textbooks and uniforms, providing meals, meeting transportation expenses, medical expenses, and renovating dilapidated homes etc. Scholarships are awarded to students based on their financial circumstances and academic performance. Scholarships are prioritised for SC/ST/PWD students as well. College makes all kinds of efforts to identify deserving students who are excluded from any kind of scholarship or freeship offered by the Government and bring them under the umbrella of the institutional scholarship.

The college has been strictly following specific regulations to identify students for scholarships and freeships. Class advisors are in charge of identifying the deserving students in each class based on their academic performance and financial circumstances. Students must submit to the Head of the Department a duly filled application with the recommendation of the concerned class advisor and parents’ signature The applications are forwarded to the College Level Scholarship Screening Committee after getting it verified by the Head of Department. The Dean of Student Welfare, the IQAC Coordinator, the Alumni Secretary, and two alumni teaching staff members make up the Screening Committee, which is chaired by the principal. The Screening Committee review the application and assign a quantum of the fund to each student based on their priorities.

Along with scholarships, the Alumni association of the college meet the hostel expenses of the needy students including mess bill by way of sponsorship. Endowments have also been provided by the college and PTA for the meritorious achievement of the students in University and other competitive examinations. Students also receive memorial awards from various Departments for their academic excellence and performance in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Departments also provide financial assistance for meeting students’ and their families’ medical bills, home reconstruction or renovation, and other expenses.
Pocker Sahib Memorial Orphanage college has an exemplary among the higher educational institutions in providing scholarships and freeships to needy students.
The college maintains proper records and audited statements of the receipt and disbursement of funds for institutional scholarships and freeships.

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