Ph.D Enrollment

Details of PhD awardees

Sl. No Name of the Scholar Research Supervisor Subject Year Mode of Research
01 Valsa MA Dr PP Abdul Razak A historical outline of Kuri Companies and its impact on the socio-economic transformation of Trichur(1891-1975) 2020 Full-time
02 Rafeeq Karimpanackal Dr PP Abdul Sathar Tradition versus modernity: A study on Islamic Education in 20th century Kerala 2020 Full-time

Details of PhD Scholars, Topics, and Supervisors

Sl. No Name of the Scholar Research Supervisor Subject Year Mode of Research
01 Sharafuddin K.V Dr OP Mayankutty History Of Religious Organizations And Ideological Conflicts Among The Muslims of Malabar From 1921-1989 2016 Full-time
02 Firoz KT Dr OP Mayankutty Tribes in transition: Emigrants Influence on Tribal life and culture in South Malabar. A special focus on Malappuram and Palakkad districts since 1947 2016 Part-time
03 Lisha KK Dr PP Abdul Razak The Genesis of Dalit Identity Discourse in Kerala – A Historical Perspective 2015 Part-time
04 Manoj K V Dr PP Abdul Razak Power Knowledge Nexus- A Study on Textbook Historiography of Kerala(1900 to 1986) 2015 Part-time
05 Jineesh PS Dr PP Abdul Razak Colonialism, Circulation and Representations: A Social History of Transportation Networks In Colonial Malabar (c 1800-1936) 2016 Part-time
06 Abdul Lathif C H Dr PP Abdul Razak Dynamics of Identity Formation Among the Muslims in Colonial Travancore-1800-1947 2016 Part-time
07 Geetha PC Dr PP Abdul Razak Urbanisation and Cosmopolitan cultural formation of Colonial Kochi 16th to 20th C 2016 Part-time
08 Omal Aloysius Dr Sreevidhya Vattarambath Ultra left in Kerala: Ideology presence and influence from 1967 to 2019 2020 Part-time
09 Sumina MS Dr Sreevidhya Vattarambath Temples, Power and politics in Kerala: The pre-colonial and colonial experiences from major temples of Thrissur 2020 Part-time
10 Shiny VK Dr Sreevidhya Vattarambath Imperial medicine and politics of epidemics in the princely states of Cochin (1800-1956) 2020 Part-time
11 Chinju M Dr Sreevidhya Vattarambath Settlement, Migration and Ecology: Mapping Wayanad since 1792 2021 Full-time
12 Seena MS Dr Sudheer Kumar P Accommodation appropriation and alteration of non-brahmanical deities-inferences from Thrissur 2020 Part-time
13 Rajan PP Dr Sudheer Kumar P Human intervention and change of Landscape: History and ecology in the high range of Kannur since 1920 2020 Part-time
14 Ajitha MU Dr Sudheer Kumar P Politics caste and hegemony: The unexplored domains of the temple entry movement in Kerala 2020 Part-time
15 Kala Rajan Kalpana Veedu Dr Joshy Mathew Employment and Empowerment: The Socio-Political Mobility of the Lower Castes in British Malabar (1800-1947) 2020 Part-time
16 Reni Anna Philip Dr Joshy Mathew Identity formation and cultural milieu in Jewish Diaspora: Malabari Jews a case study 2021 Part-time
17 Jaseena C Dr OP Mayankutty Education and reforms a case study of Mappila Education, with special reference to Chaliyakath Kunjahammed Haji 2014 Part-time