Zoology Association is the formal gathering of the students of the Department. The Association is headed by the secretary, who is being elected via college union election and HoD will be the patron of the association. Zoology association convene a yearly meeting with a scientific activity/ expert talk and also conduct various programs related to international/national events. The association activities also include channelizing different activities of the department, organizing socio-cultural events etc. timely and periodically.

Seminars & Lectures

‘ZOOVIALEXI’ Life Science Lecture series is a lecture series programme initiated by the Department of Zoology by including renowned scientists from India and abroad each year in the topics of Basic and Advanced Biology. It envisages strengthening biology concepts in teachers, research scholars and students of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in the field of life sciences.

The Department have separate parents and teachers gathering, aimed at open discussion students’ progression, achievements and other relevant matters to teaching and learning. Department will convene meetings of parents each year, separately for each batch of students. Teachers will discuss the progress of each student with their parents. Parents are also welcome to discuss their concerns about results, progression and constraints etc.

The Department is keen on organizing outreach programs in order to familiarize the subject and to create a societal linkage. Vermiculture techniques, campaigns on vaccination, pest surveillance and forecasting, dissertation on problems related to biology etc. are some of the programs.

Study Tour
Study tour/fieldwork is part of the curriculum, both for UG and PG students. The department always organizes study tours and insect collection trips to students in various biologically and ecologically important areas inside and outside the state. Apart from that, the department also organizes trips to R&D institutes, to familiarise students with the activities of the institutes, provide an opportunity to familiarize sophisticated instruments and laboratory procedures.

Innovative teaching
The department is had a young and vibrant group of faculty, who are keen on doing experiments in teaching and learning. Group activities, open-book examination, scientific paper review, e-content development by students, e-content library, online examination, flip-learning, group assignment etc. are the innovative methods practised directly or indirectly by the faculties.