The Bombay Chronicle (August-September 1921)

Description: News about Mappila Revolt.
Source Name: The Bombay Chronicle.
Location: Archives, Department of History, PSMO College.
Year and Date: August-September 1921.
Materials: Scanned copy of Newspaper.
Documentation Date: August 20, 2021.
Document source: Dr O P Mayinkutty.
Curator: Mohamed Haseeb N.
The Bombay Chronicle was an English-language newspaper, published from Mumbai (then Bombay), started in 1910 by Sir Pherozeshah Mehta (1845-1915), a prominent lawyer, who later became the president of the Indian National Congress in 1890, and a member of the Bombay Legislative Council in 1893. J. B. Petit had assisted Mehta in launching the newspaper and later went on to control the Indian Daily Mail. From 1913 to 1919 it was edited by B. G. Horniman. It was an important Nationalist newspaper of its time, and an important chronicler of the political upheavals of a volatile pre-independent India. The newspaper closed down in 1959. Document includes;
August 25, 1921
1. Mappila march to Calicut
2. Official version on the Mappila revolt.
3. Ernad in state of open rebellion.
4. Serious fight with government forces.
5. 1500 Mappila assembled in Manjeri. Representative
August 26, 1921
1. Government effort to restore order
2. A madras communiqué
3. Appeal to press to support Authority
4. Martial law in Malabar.
5. Force at Pallipuram.
11. Nilambur Palace March.
12. Ernad Treasury looted.
13. Mosque search.
August 27, 1921
1. Malabar under martial law.
2. Mr Yakub Hassan’s offer of mediation.
3. Refused by Lord Willington
4. Military concentration at Shornur.
5. Valluvanad sub treasury incident