Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce was established in 1968 with pre degree commerce group, upgraded as degree department in 1972 and Post Graduate Department in 1981. In 2013 the department was approved as research centre and renamed as Department of Commerce & Centre of Research. Bachelor of Business Administration has been started in 2014 with specialization in finance. The total faculty post sanctioned in the department is 9 and filled with well qualified teachers.

There are 240 Under Graduate students, 40 Post Graduate Students and 21 Research Scholars including 10 part time scholars. The department is the biggest department of the college in terms of number of students. The department has separate building with a full equipped digital resource centre and department library.

The total number of faculty in the Department is 11 including two guest faculty.

Dr K. Mustafa, a faculty member, has published a book entitled “Indirect Tax” (Publisher: Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi, India, Co-author: Dr Yakoob . C, ISBN 81-272-2661-0). Dr Sheesha CH, another faculty member has published an international book entitled “ Bancassurance In India- A case study of State Bank of India “ (in May 2014, Publisher: Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany: ISBN: 978-3-659-54092-9)The Department has four research guides, namely, Dr. PV. Basheer Ahamed(retd.), Dr. Yakoob.C (retd.), Dr KP. Vinod Kumar (MES Mampad College), Dr. PM. Habeeburahiman(HoD)


  • B.Com ( co operation optional )
  • M. Com (Financial Management)