Library Rules

1. Identity cards issued by the College should be produced at the counter before entering the library.
2. Personal articles such as books, bags, umbrellas, files etc. are not allowed in the library.
3. Students are allowed to carry only blank sheets of paper and pen to the library.
4. Library is a place for serious reading and research. Strict silence should be maintained in the library and its premises.
5. All the members of the staff and students of the college are eligible to be members of the library. Books and other library materials are open for use and subscription only to the members of the library.
6. In exceptional cases the Principal may permit a non-member to have access to the library on such terms as the principal determines fit.
7. Students can borrow books from the library by producing the college photo identity card.
8. Loss of the library cards must be reported immediately to the librarian. Duplicate cards will be issued only on verification. A fine of Rs. 50/- will be levied for each card lost. The member will be held responsible for the lost cards originally issued to him/her.
9. The borrowers should examine the book issued to them and any damage or marking, if any, should be reported to the staff before leaving the counter.
10. The borrowers will be held responsible for any defect detected when the book is returned and he /she will be liable to replace the defective book with a new one or pay such compensation as may be fixed by the Government/University.
11. The loan period is normally 14 days. They can be renewed for a period of another 14 days more; if no one else has reserved for the same. But the Librarian reserves the right to recall any book at any time from any borrower, even when the period of loan is not over.
12. The loan period may be extended or shortened at the discretion of the Librarian
13. Absence from the college will not be admitted as an excuse to delay in returning the books.
14. Marking, underlining, writing, tampering and tearing away the pages of books are punishable with fine or replacement of the book or both.
15. A member of staff who takes leaves for more than one month must return all the books borrowed from the library before proceeding on leave.
16. If the book borrowed from the library is not returned on or before the due date, a fine of Rs. 1/- (Rs. One only) per day will be levied for each book.
17. If a book borrowed is lost, the matter should immediately be reported to the Librarian
18. If a book is irrecoverably lost, it must be replaced with a new one or the cost as may be fixed by the Government/University should be paid.
19. Members shall not sub-lend the books of the library.
20. The maximum number of books issued to a P.G student and a Degree student at a time will be 10 and 5 respectively.
21. A member of the teaching staff may borrow up to ten books at a time. A member of the non-teaching staff may borrow two books at a time. All other library rules are applicable to the teaching and non-teaching staff also.
22. All documents borrowed from the Library by the students and the members of the staff should be returned on or before the last working day of the academic year or on the date fixed by the Librarian.
23. Any matter not covered by the forgoing rules shall be decided by the principal.