MA History

First Semester
Paper I HIS1C01 Methods of Historical Research
Paper II HIS1C02 Pre-Modern Kerala: Problems and Perspectives
Paper III HIS1C03 Problems, Perspective and Debates in Early Indian History
Paper IV HIS1C04 History- Pre-Modern Societies
Audit Course HIS1A02 Travel and Tourism Management
Second Semester
Paper V HIS2C01 History and Theory
Paper VI HIS2C02 History of Modern Kerala: Problems and Perspectives
Paper VIII HIS2C03 State and Society in Medieval India
Paper VII HIS2C04 Selected Problems of Medival and Modern World History
Audit Course HIS1A02 Indian Numismatics
Third Semester
Paper IX HIS3C01 Perspecives on Colonialism in India
Paper X HIS3C02 Discourses on Indian Nationalism
Paper XI HIS3E04 Selected Themes in Economic History of Medival India
Paper XH HIS3E05 Aesthetic Traditions of Medival India
Fourth Semester
Paper XIII HIS4C01 Selected Debates in Modem Indian History
Paper XIV HIS4C02 Contemporary India: Problems & Perspectives
Paper XV HIS4E01 Archaeology: Theoretical Perspective
Paper XVT HIS4E06 Literature & Indian History
Paper XVII HIS4P01 Dissertation (Project)
HIS4V01 Viva – Voce