PhD in Zoology

Program Name: PhD  Programme

Specialization: Entomology, Soil Ecology, Parasitology, Insect systematics

Number of Seats: As per the UGC guidelines and availability of seats, each year and as per guidelines of the University of Calicut

Jobs Prospects:

In various R&D agencies and Research Institutes in India and abroad. PhD degree holders are eligible for Assistant Professorship in any Indian University and abroad.

For PhD program, the candidate must undergo coursework and pass 2 common papers and 1 elective paper. A detailed syllabus of the common course is available at the link .

PhD (Zoology) Programme Outcomes (POs)

After successfully completing PhD Programme students will be able to:

PO-1: Access the primary literature, identify relevant works for a particular topic in life science, and evaluate the scientific content of these works.

PO-2: Explain the kinds of data generated by various workers in the field of Zoological research.

PO-3: Explain contemporary issues, relevant to the area of specialization.

PO-4: Exercise critical judgment, independent thinking and problem solving through the research work undertaken.

PO-5: Demonstrate critical and creative thinking, with an aptitude for continued self-directed learning.

PO-6: Possess the ability to identify, formulate, and solve biological problems to contribute to service efforts to the community.

PO-7: Apply multidisciplinary fundamentals of statistical tools, software and chemical and physical principles to the analysis of relevant biological situations.

PO-8: Write scientific reports and communicate results in oral presentations.

PO-9: Publish the findings in a scientific journal, conference proceedings and books.

PO-10: Write thesis in a standard scientific format using the current norms of scientific writings.