Dr Saleena TA

Dr SALEENA TA is an academician and faculty of this institution. She has started her career in 2007 as an ad-hoc faculty at MES Asmabi College, Kodungallur, Ansar Women’s college, Perumbilavu, Thrissur. She secured NET & and JRF and started his PhD at this college. She is good in the area of accounting and financial management. She plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities that facilitate active learning experiences. She published 9 articles in various national and international journals. She has presented 8 papers at the national and international conferences organised by prestigious institutions and universities.

Educational qualification
  1. M Com
  2. M.B.A
  3. PhD
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Awards/Recognitions: 
  • Professional memberships: Member of Confederation of Kerala College Teachers
  • Academic positions: DQAC – IGNOU Counsellor
  • Non-Academic positions: 
  • Date of Entry in Service: 27 – 09 – 2013
  • Countries visited: Oman
  • Research (Area/Expertise, Research Projects, funding etc.): Impact of MGNREGS on Inclusive Growth-A critical study with Special Reference to Kerala
  • Publications(Journal, Proceedings, Books/Chapter in books, Articles, Any other):

    1. POSEIDON Journal of Commerce, Management and Social Science. ISSN 2319- 6238 entitled “Financial Inclusion through ICTs: recent Paradigm”, Vol, 2 No, 2 December 2013 PP110-116
    2. Sai Om Publication,Sai Om Journal of Commerce & Management A peer Reviewed Journal ISSN 2347- 7571 entitled “ Kerala Model Responsible TOURISM – An Evaluation“ Volume 1, Issue 6, June 2014, PP 18-
    3. SAJMMR South Asian Journal of Marketing & Management Research A Double-Blinded Refereed & Reviewed International Journal, ISSN 2249- 877X, entitled “ Women Empowerment Through MGNREGs – Special Reference to Malappuram District, Kerala. “ Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2014.
    4. Southern Economist, ISSN 0038-4046, entitled “ A Study on Consumer Behaviour of Counterfeit Goods“ Volume 53 Number 8 August 15, 2014, PP 35-38.
    5. Southern Economist, ISSN 0038-4046, entitled “ Financial Inclusion a Case Study of MGNREGS in Malappuram District“ Volume 53 Number 4 June 15, 2014, PP 30-34.
    6. EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review Monthly Peer-Reviewed & Indexed International Journal, entitled “ Impact of Brand Extension on Marketing of Daily Toilet Soaps with Special Reference Tirurangadi,” ISSN 2347-9671, Impact Factor 0.998, Volume 3, Issue 2, February 2015,
    7. Global Research Review Peer Refereed Bi-annual Research Journal, ISSN 2250-2521, entitled “A Study on Popularity of Online Banking Services among Customers in Malappuram District with Special Reference to State Bank of Travancore” Volume III, No III, September 2013, PP 213-223.
    8. MERIDIAN A Biannual National Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies and Research, ISSN 2278-570X entitled “ Impact on Sales Promotional Activities on Branded Food Products with Special Reference to Malappuram District. Vol 2, No, 4 July 2014 PP94-99.
    9. XJORC Xavierian Journal of Research in Commerce Peer Refereed Bi-annual Research Journal, ISSN 2347-372X entitled “ Solid Waste Management in Urban Centre- Key Issues, Vol,1 No,1 September 2013, PP172-177.
    10. MIRROR Peer Refereed Bi-annual International Research Journal of Commerce and management & Social Science, ISSN 2249-8117 entitled “ Information and Communication Technology Enabled MGNRGA Process –An Evaluation” Volume 3, No 2, September 2013, PP 177-183.
  • Seminars/workshops /field oriented programs organized:

    1. International Journals
      • Green Marketing in India: Emerging trends- South Asian Academic Research Journals Volume 4, Issue 4 April 2014 ISSN 2249-877X
      • Greener hospitals: Emerging trend,- An International Multidisciplinary Research Journal ACADEMICIA
      • Green Marketing in India: An Overview- International Journal in Management and Social Science (Impact Factor- 4.358), IJMSS, Vol.03 Issue-12 (December 2015)
      • Performance Evaluation of Life Insurance Sector: A comparative study of Public sector & Private sectors- Sai Om Journal of Commerce &Management A Peer-Reviewed International Journal, Volume 1, Issue 12 (December 2014
      • Swot Analysis of Green Marketing in India- EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review, vol 3, issue 12, December 2015
      • Green Marketing Initiatives: A Conceptual Study, Impact Factor 4.618, Isi Impact Factor:1.259- International Journal of Economic and Business Review, vol 3, issue 6, June 2015
      National Journals
      • Awareness and Attitude of College Students towards Eco-friendly FMCG Products: a study- Southern Economist, Volume 56, Number6, July 15, 2017, ISSN 0038-4046
      •Go Green: Banking Sector’s Perspective- Abhinav National Monthly Refereed Journal of Research in Commerce& Management, Volume 3, Issue 11 (November 2014), Online
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