Dr. Shafeekh K. M

A physical organic chemistry Ph. D holder (CSIR-NIIST, Trivandrum) with two year post-doctoral research experience (JNCASR, Bangalore). Love to teach Organic chemistry and Physical Chemistry. Research interest lies at the chemistry- biology interface, specifically, in developing organic/ organic- inorganic nanohybrid systems for biomedical applications

Educational qualification
  1. M.Sc
  2. PhD
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Awards/Recognitions: 

    1. Recognised as Research Guide in Chemistry by Directorate of Research, University Calicut, Kerala, India
    2. SERB – National Post Doctoral Fellowship in January 2016 offered by Science and Engineering Research Board, Government of India
    3. Qualified GATE (Chemistry) in February 2007 conducted by Department of Secondary and Higher Education Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India
    4. Qualified UGC- JRF (Chemical Sciences) in June 2006 conducted by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India
    5. Qualified State Eligibility Test (SET), Kerala state in January 2005 conducted by Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Kerala, India
    6. SERB-Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (SERB-TARE), Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India


  • Professional memberships: 
  • Academic positions: 
  • Non Academic positions: 
  • Date of Entry in Service: 05 – 07 – 2017
  • Countries visited:
  • Research (Area/Expertise,Research Projects, funding etc.): Nanomaterials, Organic Synthesis, Chemical Biology, Photochemistry
  • Publications(Journal, Proceedings, Books/Chapter in books,Articles, Any other):

    1. P. Meenakshi, S. Manik, K. M. Shafeekh, S. S. Agasti. ‘ Reversible regulation of esterase activity via host – guest molecular recognition at the nanoparticle surface’ Bull. Mater. Sci. (Accepted for Publication)
    2. Nilanjana D. S., Ranjan S., Shafeekh K. M., Somya V., Preethi V. G., Oishika J., Ravi M., Nathalie G-E, and S. S. Agasti. Multichannel DNA c cell states and identifies pharmacological effectors of catabolic processes” ACS Sens. 2019, 4, 12, 3124–3132 (Impact Factor: 6.944)
    3. Shafeekh K. M., R. Sasmal, M. Pahwa, C. Soumya, N. D. Saha, and S. S. Agasti. ‘Cucurbit[7]uril-Directed Assembly of Colloidal Membrane and Stimuli-Responsive Microcapsules at the liquid−liquid Interface’ Langmuir, 2018, 34, 693−699.
    4. M. S Soumya, D. G. Devi, K. M. Shafeekh, S. Das, A. Abraham ‘Photodynamic therapeutic efficacy of symmetrical diiodinated squaraine in in vivo skin cancer models’ Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic therapy, 2017, 18, 302-309.
    5. M. S. Soumya, K. M. Shafeekh, S. Das and A. Abraham ‘Symmetrical Diiodinated Squaraine as an Efficient Photosensitizer for PDT Applications: Evidence from Photodynamic and Toxicolgical Aspects’ Chem. Biol. Inter. 2014, 222, 44−49
    6. K. M. Shafeekh, M. S. Soumya, M. A. Rahim, A. Abraham and S. Das. ‘Synthesis and Characterization of Near-Infrared Absorbing Water Soluble Squaraines and Study of their Photodynamic Effects in DLA Live Cells’ Photochem. Photobiol. 2014, 90, 585−595
    7. K. M. Shafeekh, S. Das, C. Sissa and A. Painelli. ‘Asymmetric Squaraine Dyes: Spectroscopic and Theoretical Investigation’ J. Phys. Chem. B., 2013, 117, 8536−8546.
    8. K. M. Shafeekh , M. K. A. Rahim , M. C. Basheer , C. H. Suresh and S. Das. ‘Highly Selective and Sensitive Colourimetric Detection of Hg2+ ons by Unsymmetrical Squaraine Dyes’ Dyes Pigments, 2013, 96, 714-721
    9. N. K. Leela, T. M. Vipin, V. Priyanka, K. M. Shafeekh and J. Rema. ‘Cinnamomum citriodorum Thw. – New Source of Citronellol’ J. Essential Oil Res., 2012, 24, 507–511
    10. N. K. Leela, T. M. Vipin, K. M. Shafeekh, V. Priyanka and J. Rema. ‘Chemical composition of essential oils from aerial parts of Cinnamomum malabatrum (Burman f.) Bercht & Presl.’ Flavour Fragr. J. , 2009, 24, 13–16 Book Chapter (1) N. K. Leela and K. M. Shafeekh, ‘Fenugreek’. In: Chemistry of Spices. Edits., V.A. Parthasarathy, B. Chempakam and T. John Zachariah, pp. 242–259, CAB International, Wallingford (2008)
  • Poster Presentations at Conferences
    1. ‘Novel Approaches for Triggerring Nanoparticle Assembly at Oil- Water Interface’ K. M. Shafeekh, M. Pahwa, R. Sasmal and S. S. Agasti, JNCASR Annual Inhouse symposium at JNCASR, Bangalore, November 21-22, 2016
    2. ‘Bioorthogonal Actuation of Supramolecularly Assembled Refillable Drug Delivery Devices’. S. Sinha, D. Joshi, K. M. Shafeekh, R. Sasmal, M. Inamdar and S. S. Agasti, JNCASR Annual Inhouse symposium at JNCASR, Bangalore, November 21-22, 2016
    3. ‘Fabrication of Stable Biocompatible Microcapsules via Biorthogonal Directed Assembly of Nanoparticles at Oil- Water Interface’ M. Pahwa, K. M. Shafeekh, N. D. Saha, and S. S. Agasti. XIIth JNC Research Conference on Chemistry of Materials, held at Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, India, September 23-25, 2016
    4. ‘Recognition mediated Reversible Assembly of AuNPs and it’s applications in Biology’. R. Sasmal, K. M. Shafeekh, S. Sinha and S. S. Agasti. Chemical Frontiers, Goa, India, August 25-28, 2016
    5. ‘Programmable Actuation of Nanoparticle Assembly and Disassembly Through Supramolecular Host-Guest Interaction’ K. M. Shafeekh and Sarit S. Agasti, JNCASR Annual Inhouse symposium at JNCASR, Bangalore, November 13-14, 2015
    6. Efficient Panchromatic Co-Sensitization in Solid-state Dye-sensitized Solar Cells using Triphenyldiamine and Squaraine Dyes, M. K. Abdul Rahim, K. M. Shafeekh, K. Gräf, M. Thelakkat and Suresh Das, 15th CRSI Symposium in Chemistry held at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, January 31- February 03, 2013
    7. Efficient Panchromatic Co-Sensitization by Nanocrystalline TiO2 films by Organic Sensitizers, M. K. Abdul Rahim, K. M. Shafeekh, K. Gräf, M. Thelakkat and S. Das, VIIIth JNC Research Conference on Chemistry of Materials, held at Kovalam Thiruvananthapuram, India, September 30-October 02, 2012.
    8. Novel near infrared (NIR) absorbing squaraine dye for the selective and sensitive detection of Hg(II) ions. K. M. Shafeekh, M. K. A. Rahim, Anju Susan and S. Das, VIth JNC Research Conference on Chemistry of Materials, held at Ernakulam, India, October 02-05, 2010
    9. Dihydroperimidine Based Near Infrared (NIR) Absorbing Unsymmetrical Squaraine Dyes, K. M. Shafeekh, M. K. A. Rahim, and S. Das, 5th Mid Year CRSI (Chemical Research Society of India) Symposium in Chemistry held at Thiruvananthapuram, India, July 23-24, 2010
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