Dr Shalimol A

Dr Shalimol  A is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher moreover a researcher having teaching and leadership qualities. During her research, she was in charge of mentoring a couple of master’s and graduate students and also gave small talks on research to the audience. She has Problem-solving skills and ability to work independently besides this, she has Strong communication and organizational skills

Educational qualification
  1. MSc
  2. PhD
Area of Interest
  • Phytochemistry
  • Biotechnology
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  • Date of Entry in Service: 03-07-2017
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  • Research (Area/Expertise, Research Projects, funding etc.)Phytochemistry, Biotechnology
  • Publications(Journal, Proceedings, Books/Chapter in books, Articles, Any other):
    Shalimol, A, Arumugasamy, K, Nantha kumar, R, Abdul kaffoor, H, Muthuraj, K,
    Midhusha Johny and Minu Venugopal. Detection of Genetic Polymorphisms among
    commercial tea population and endemic wild tea plant Gordonia obtusa. exut and
    arn) as revealed by RAPD markers. 2015. International Journal of Recent Advances in
    Multidisciplinary Research. 02 (07): 0543-0546.
    Muthuraj. K, Shalimol, A, Sivapriya, K. T and Nagarajan. N. Screening of active
    phytocompounds by GC-MS analysis and in vitro antibacterial activity of endemic
    plant Pogostemon mollis Benth. 2015. International Journal of Recent Advances in
    Multidisciplinary Research. 02 (07): 0534- 0539.
    Shalimol. A, K. Arumugasamy, M. R. Udhayasankar, R. Nantha kumar, V. Asha devi
    and P. Uma Maheswari. Effect on cancer cell growth by methanolic extract of
    Gordonia obtusa wall.exut and arn, An endemic wild tea plant. 2014. World journal of
    pharmaceutical research. 3(6):787-792.
    Uma Maheswari P, Shalimol A, Arumugasamy K, Udhayasankar MR, and Punitha
    D. Effect of methanolic extract of Smilax wightii A.Dc. on Serum protein profile in
    streptozotocin induced Diabetic Rats. 2014. International journal of pharmTech
    P.Uma Maheswari, A. Shalimol and K. Arumugasamy. Free Radical Scavenging
    Activity of Smilax wightii A. Dc. (Smilacaceae), an Endemic medicinal plant from
    Western Ghats. 2014. International journal of Herbal medicine. 2(2):106-108.
    Uma Maheswari, K.Arumugasamy, A.Shalimol, V. Asha devi and R. Nantha kumar.
    Anti-Hyper lipidemic activity of methanolic extract of Smilax wightii A.Dc. in
    streptozotocin induced male wistar albino rats. 2014.Kong. Res. J.
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