Muhammed Shafi. P

Mr. Muhammed Shafi P joined the Department of Mathematics as assistant professor in 2015. He started his academic career in 2014 as a lecturer in Mathematics at Vedavyasa Instittue of Technology, vazhayur. He has completed his graduation and post graduation from this institution itself. The main areas of his interests are Abstract Algebra, Topology and Real Analysis

Educational qualification
  1. MSc
  2. B.Ed

Area of Interest

  • Topology
  • Algebra
  • Linear Algebra
  • Awards/Recognitions: 
  • Professional memberships: 
  • Academic positions: 

    • Assistant Superintendent of University Examination
    • Additional Controller of Internal Examination
    • Chief Invigilator of Chattered Accountant Examination
    • Department Nodal Officer for admissions
  • Non-Academic positions: 
  • Date of Entry in Service: 08 – 10 – 2015
  • Countries visited: 
  • Research (Area/Expertise,Research Projects, funding etc.)
  • Publications(Journal, Proceedings, Books/Chapter in books,Articles, Any other):
  • Seminars/workshops /field oriented programs organized: 
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