Dr. Lt. Nisamuddeen K

Dr Lt. Nissamuddeen Kunnath joined the department as an Asst. Professor in the year 2013. Since his joining he is known for his interest in Quantum Mechanics, Electronics and Computational Physics. At present, he is pursuing his PhD in the topic Structural, Dielectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Lead-free Ceramic Nanocomposites exhibiting Morphotropic Phase Boundary, from the Dept. of Instrumentation, Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT). His area of research includes Instrumentation techniques for the measurement of thermal properties of solids, Nanomaterials, composites and piezoelectric energy harvesters. After getting direct commission from the DG NCC, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India, in May 2019 and completing the Pre Commission course from Officers Training Academy, Kamptee, Pune in February 2020, he has been serving the institution as the Associate NCC officer.

Educational qualification
  1. PhD
  2. MSc.
Area of Interest
  • Electronics
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Awards/Recognitions: 
  • Professional memberships: 1. Kerala NCC Officers Welfare Association (KANOWA)
    2. CUSAT Research Scholars Association (CURSA)
  • Academic positions:  1. Referee, Journal of Electroceramics, Springer
    2. Referee, Journal of Material Research Express, OP Publishing, Temple Circus, Temple Way, Bristol, BS1 6HG, UK.
    3. Referee, Journal of Physica Scripta, OP Publishing, Temple Circus, Temple Way, Bristol, BS1 6HG, UK.
  • Non-Academic positions:  1. Coordinator, IQAC
    2. Coordinator, RUSA
    3. Nodal Officer, NIRF
    4. Nodal Officer, UBA
  • Date of Entry in Service: 27 – 09 – 2013
  • Countries visited:
    • Research (Area/Expertise,Research Projects, funding etc.): Polymer- Ceramic composites
    • Publications(Journal, Proceedings, Books/Chapter in books,Articles, Any other):
      1. Kunnath, Nissamuddeen, and Jacob Philip. “Nanostructured Ceramics of Potassium Sodium Bismuth Titanate: Hydrothermal Synthesis and Piezoelectric Response at Morphotropic Phase Boundary.” New Journal of Glass and Ceramics 9.1 (2018): 1-14.
      2. Kunnath, Nissamuddeen, and Jacob Philip. “Dielectric and piezoelectric perfomance of lead-free ceramics of boron sodium gadolinate niobate at morphotropic phase boundary.” Journal of Advanced Dielectrics 10.4 (2020): 2050014.
      3. Nissamuddeen, K., and Jacob Philip. “25. Piezoelectric Performance of Lead-Free BNGN Ceramics at MPB as a Green Material for Transduction Applications.” Emerging Technologies for Sustainability: Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Emerging Research Areas (AICERA 2019), July 18-20, 2019, Kottayam, Kerala. CRC Press, Tylor & Francis, 2020.
      Conference papers
      1. N.Kunnath and J.Philip,Hydrothermal synthesis of nanostructured piezoceramic sodium potassium bismuth titanates with MPB structure and their applications to non-hazardous piezoelelectric materials”.ketcone 15
      2. N.Kunnath and J.Philip,)” Dielectric and thermal properties of hydrothermally synthesized nanocrystalline sodium potassium bismuth titanate”, , 25 Kerala science congress, 2013. Thiruvananthapuram.
      3. N.Kunnath and J.Philip,Preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline piezoelectric sodium potassium bismuth titanate (NaKBT)”, icmst, June 2012
  • Seminars/workshops /field oriented programs organized:
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