Shamna. R

Ms Shamna R has been offering her academic and non-academic expertise to this institution since October 2010. She secured her MA and MPhil Degree in English Language and Literature and is pursuing her Doctorate Degree in Indigenous Autobiographies at the Institute of English, University of Kerala, the prestigious institution of learning in the capital city of Kerala state, Thiruvananthapuram. She has presented various research papers in National and International seminars and conferences, published research articles in international journals of reputation, and contributed chapters in edited books. An ardent learner she is, Ms Shamna also has the credit of bagging Intermediate Level Specialization Course Certificates like English for Research Publication Purposes offered by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The other International certificate courses she completed integrate different disciplinary areas like Indigenous literature, Literary Theory, Academic Literacy, Grant Proposal Writing, Scholarly Communication, Feminism, Philosophy, Psychology, Research Data Management, Covid-19 Contact Tracing, to name a few, from topmost universities such as Yale University, University of Illinois, Johns Hopkins University, The University of Edinburgh etc. Her areas of specialization include Indian and Western Literary Theory and Criticism, Cultural studies, New Literatures, Native Studies and Indigenous Autobiographies. Above all, she is the recipient of ESN Publisher’s Global Iconic Education Excellence Award for the category of Young Academician Award, Vision Digital India’s Best Researcher Award (March 2021), ESN Publication’s International Young Researcher Award (December 2020), and Pillars of India Award 2021, for her contributions and academic excellence in the field of learning and research.

Educational qualification
  1. M.A
  2. MPhil
  • Eastern and Western Literary Theory and Criticism, Dalit Studies, Native Studies, Linguistics
  • Awards/Recognitions: 1. ESN Publication’s Young Academician Award (Global Iconic Education Excellence Award 2021) II. Lead India Foundation’s Best Researcher Award March 2021 (in collaboration with Vision Digital India) III. ESN Publication’s International Young Researcher Award (Education Excellence Award Jan 2021) IV. ESN Publisher’s Pillars of India Award 2021 (in Memory of the Missile Man of India) , a Collaborative venture with APJ Foundations. V. Received The World Book of Records Certificate for presenting a paper in the World Record Event of 150 Hours Continuous Presentation, an International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research and Innovations, organized by ESN Publishers, Chennai from 3rd Sep 2020 to 9th Sep 2020. VI Received the Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records Certificates for being part of the Record Event Attempt of Most Authors for a Book by publishing a book chapter in the venture arranged by ESN Publications, in Dec 2020.
  • Professional memberships: I. Life Time Member (International Ecolinguistics Association), II. Founding Member(Research India Foundation) III. Member (Research Foundation of India) IV. Member, Editorial Review Board of Epitome International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research (2015-2018))
  • Academic positions: 1. Co-ordinator – Certificate Course in Communicative English. II. Academic Counselor, IGNOU, III. Academic Counselor, MKH Nursing School
  • Non-Academic positions: I. Convener, Campus Awareness Theatre (2018-20) II. Administrative Officer Dept.TCS III. Assistant Coordinator, Add-on Course on Communicative English and Journalism (2011-13) IV. Ladies Hostel Warden (2010-13)
  • Date of Entry in Service: 21 – 10 – 2010
  • Countries visited: 
  • Research (Area/Expertise, Research Projects, funding etc.): Area of Research: First Nations’ Literature, Fourth World Literature
    Received UGC’s Minor Research Project Fellowship– (2016-18)
  • Publications(Journal, Proceedings, Books/Chapter in books, Articles, Any other): 1. “The Many Lives of an Extraordinary Aboriginal Woman: A Re-citing of the Self” (Vol. I, Issue III, July 2015, ISSN: 2395-6968)
    2. “A Memory for the Society”: the Art of Story-telling as a tool of Resistance in the Autobiography of Isabel Flick (Vol. 2, Issue v, July 2016, ISSN: 2395-6968)
    3. “Reterritorializing the Deterritorialized World of Karsan Dargawalla in M.G. Vassanji’s The Assassin’s Song” (EIJMR Vol. 3, Issue 11, November 2017, ISSN: 2395-6968)
    4. Co-authored “The Making of Masculinity: Readings on the Male Stereotypes in Cinderella and The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood “ (EIJMR Vol. 3, Issue 11,
    November 2017, ISSN: 2395-6968)
    5. Co-authored “Selfhood Narrated: the Self Reflections and Cultural Refractions in Viramma: Life of a Dalit” (EIJMR Vol. 3, Issue 11, November 2017, ISSN: 23956968)
    6. Co-authored “Framing Femininity in Fairy Tales: The Female Stereotypes in Cinderella and The Sleeping Beautyi EIJMR Vol.4. Issue 6, June, 2018, ISSN: 2395-6968)
    7. Co-authored “Folksongs as the Sanctury of Passionate Memories in
    The Autobiography of Viramma. (EIJMR Vol.4. Issue 6, June, 2018, ISSN: 2395-6968)
    BOOK CHAPTERS8. Folksongs Re-inscribed: The Indigenous Cultural Exertions in The Autobiography of a Maori and Moon and Rainbow (Literature and Humanities: ESN Publications: ISBN 978-93-90781-15-7, 2021)
    9. “Aboriginal Cultural Nihilism and Selfrefashioning in Isabel Flick’s Many Lives of an Extraordinary Aboriginal Woman” in Intricacies of Art and Culture: An Edited Volume of
    Critical Essays, with ISBN number 978-93-91553-30-2 and E-ISBN
    number 978-93-91553-55-5 by Cape Comerin Publishers

Research Papers Presented:
1.Aboriginal Australians as the Ostracized Aliens: A Discourse of Cultural nihilism and Self-revivification in the Autobiography of Isabel Flick (International Webinar Series on Art & Culture: Intricacies of research and Publishing, Organized by KNM Govt College, Trivandrum. From 03-03-2021 to 07-03-2021)
2.Folksongs: the Finest Expressions of Indigenous Culture: Impressions on the Autobiographies of Dick Roughsey and Reweti T. Kohere (International Conference on Discourse of Marginality in New Literatures, organized by the Dept of English & Centre for Research, Scott Christian College, Nagercoil on 13th March 2020)
3.(Re)righting Culture: an Ethnoautobiographic Reading of Moon and Rainbow (International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research and Innovations organized by ESN Publishers, Chennai from 3rd Sep 2021 to 9th Sep 2020,)
4.The philosophy of Becoming: Australian Aboriginal Identity in Isabel Flicks Autobiography (International Conference on Literature and Philosophy, organized by PG Dept of English, PSMO College, Malappuram on 26th March 2018)
5. Shaping the Social self: Glimpses on Australian Aboriginal Identity in “Many Lives of an Extraordinary Aboriginal Woman” (National Seminar on Marginalization and Women’s Writing”, organized by PG Dept of English PSMO College, Malappuram on 30th & 31 Jan 2012)

  • Seminars/workshops /field oriented programs organized:
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