International invited Talk

International invited Talk

Event Date and Time: From  6/27/2022 14:00:00 to 6/27/2022 14:00:00
Mode of Event: Offline, Seminar Hall 
Link of Participation: Not Applicable

The programme organised by the Department of Commerce and Management Studies in association with the Department of Chemistry of our college intends to throw light on the role of climate change on trade, business and commerce which would eventually affect the entire Indian economy. The talk is focused on the fact that climate change is not a matter of environmental sciences alone. It also affects human life, their work, education etc. in addition to its direct effect on vegetation, land, rivers, etc.

Thus, the researches on climate change cannot be restricted to climatologists. It is a matter of interdisciplinary importance to be taken up by geologists, chemists, botanists, zoologists, mathematicians, social scientists and each human being. In this context, a talk consolidating the multiple effects of climate change is found inevitable. The academicians also being the shapers of society are bound to educate the students and society regarding the essentiality of the topic.

Both being research departments of our College have joined hands for this noble cause. The chief guest and speaker of the programme, Dr Mohammed Nayeem Mullungal, faculty, Department of Biological and Environmental sciences, Qatar University, would discuss upon this multidisciplinary approach to climate change and how it affects India as a whole. The programme will be held on 27th June 2022 in the seminar hall.

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