Civil services coaching centre

The Civil Services Academy of P.S.M.O. College, started its functions in 2009-10, gives thorough UPSC Civil Services Examinations foundation for Degree level students. The Academy has a good collection of relevant text books and experts from outside are handling civil services classes. Indeed, UPSC Civil Services Examinations is one of the toughest examinations conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and considered as the mother of all competitive examinations. Today UPSC civil services cadre are considered to be the most coveted and sought after services in the country. It offers challenging and bright careers to the young and energetic aspirants.

The Civil Services post has always been the glamour service for young aspirants even in the small towns and villages who have witnessed the power, prestige and status of the Collector, Foreign Ambassador, Income Tax Commissioner and S.P. whizzing around in their cars with gun-man and police escort. However, the lack of correct information about the examinations, its little bit complexity and uncertainty refrained the Degree students from attempting civil services examinations.

Interestingly, the fact is that systematic preparation and strategic approach make it viable and one can enjoy the sweetness of multi-stages of UPSC examinations. The right orientation, guidelines, proper materials and smart/intelligent work are essential to clear the exam in the very first attempt. Definitely, the preparation will enhance the knowledge horizon of the aspirants and augment the analytical skills of the students. In these aspects, the role of Civil Services Academy in higher educational institutions is immense. To be frank, our academy did the aforesaid things in holistic ways under the title of “Foundation Programme” for the last seven years. The Academy equips the students and nurtures the traits of hard work to realise the long cherished dreams of civil services aspirants. More clearly, the Civil Services Academy of this college has planned exactly what is needed in the present scenario and strictly follows the strategy of “what to study and what not to study” for clearing Civil Services Examinations.


  • Make them aware at this stage of college life the importance of equipping themselves for the challenges ahead and provide them with exam-oriented lectures, test series and exposure to the mainstream competition that awaits them in the future.
  • The Academy aims at ensure the placement and the excellence of the aspirants in various government services at the national level, including the prestigious IAS/IPS and other coveted posts of the UPSC.


  • To impart right orientation about UPSC civil services examinations.

  • To motivate the aspirants and enable them to think beyond traditional jobs.

  • To ensure the placement in various government services at national & state level.


  • General Orientation + Motivation

  • Registration

  • Entrance Examination (See the model question paper)

  • Publish Final Rank List – 60 students

  • Inauguration of this Year’s Activities

  • Various programs: Quiz competition, Essay writing, paper presentation , debates, etc.


  • Handing over selected study materials to the students

  • Ensuring that the selected students cover all the fundamental NCERT chapters by giving them home assignments and self-evaluative tests.

  • Test series included in the course to make the students revise and enhance their exam speed.

  • Interaction with civil service toppers to boost the pioneering spirit of the students.

  • Regular feedback taken from the students to map the progress of the course, the connectivity with the teachers and the requirements of the students.


  • Foundation build-up lectures + Class tests (Subjective + Objective)

  • Covering Civil Service Aptitude Test paper- II which includes Indian and world history, Indian and Word geography, Economics, Sustainable development, Analyzing newspaper and how to read, Environmental awareness, Indian Polity and Governance, latest development in science and technology, etc.

  • Exposure lectures + Practice tests (Objective) covering Civil Service Aptitude Test Paper- II

  • Covering Reasoning, Basic Numeracy and Mental Ability, Comprehension, Inter-personal skills including communication, decision making and problem solving, etc.

  • Mains paper Ethics, Aptitude and Integrity shall be discussed in one of the classes and Workshop on Essay writing.


  • Total Number of Classes: 30 (Saturday/Sunday and public holidays)

  • Number of hours: 5 hours per session – 9.30 am to 2 :30 pm

No. offull lectures No. of motivational + Orientation Seminar No. of interaction with toppers No. of Prelims Model full day test + class discussion (last day) Total




1 + Online test


The Hindu Daily Readers Club

This club is running under the aegis of Civil Services Academy. The main motto of this club is to enhance the reading culture, foster analytical skill & writing skills and thereby enrich knowledge of the aspirants. It also conducts various programs such as debate, quiz, paper presentation and invited talks by experts sponsored by The Hindu Daily. The Civil Services Academy of this college framed an agreement with The Hindu Daily. As per this agreement the Academy subscribes Hindu news papers at the cost of Rs. 2.50 instead of the original price of Rs. 6. All the civil services aspirants are automatically become the members of this club and reap the said benefits.


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