Infrastructure of Zoology Department

The department have well-established classrooms, labs and instruments catering for the needs of UG, PG and PhD students. The major equipment of the department includes FTIR (Shimadzu IRSpirit-T), Trinocular Stereo Microscope with Camera Lucida (Leica M80), Protein Electrophoresis System (Bio-Rad Mini- PROTEAN® Tetra Handcast System & accessories), High-speed refrigerated centrifuge (Remi C-24 Plus), Deep freezer (-20 0C), fume exhaust hood, laminar airflow, Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate, UV Vis spectrophotometer (Shimadzu), Hot Air Oven, Analytical and portable Weighing Balances (Shimadzu), Autoclave, Rotary microtome, Research microscope with camera and software (Leica), Stereozoom trinocular microscope with camera and software (Labomed), BOD incubator, Micropipettes, pH meter (pen type and benchtop type), Laboratory Centrifuge, Water bath shaker, Water purification (Merck Millipore), Refrigerator, Colourimeter, Reverse Osmosis unit, Vortex Mixture, Double distillation unit with auto cut off and Insect collection and storage cabins.
The department also have a museum, chemical storage and preparation areas, smart classrooms with LCD projector and interactive board.