M.K. Haji Chair For Migration Studies

M.K. HAJI CHAIR FOR MIGRATION STUDIES at P.S.M.O. College in Tirurangadi was established to develop research activities aimed at expanding knowledge of international migration from Kerala in general and Malabar in particular. The Chair will conduct rigorous research using historical and current data to better understand the causes and effects of international migration for the global economy as well as host and origin countries. The goal of this Chair is to create a public space where scientific studies on a key societal issue can be disseminated, shared, and discussed. The Chair is named after the founder of the college MK Haji Sahib, a great philanthropist cum humanitarian, who stood for the underprivileged sections of society across Malabar till his death in 1983.


(The International Institute of Migration and Development, India and Chair Professor of Migration, World Bank KNOMAD)

International labour migration is broadly defined as the movement of both low and high skilled employees. International low-skilled labour migration is expected to increase in the medium and long term as a result of demographic shifts, increased demand for such workers in high-income and emerging economies, and a lack of adequate employment prospects in sending nations. Low-skilled migration has the ability to raise families out of poverty while also allowing profitable household investments in housing, education, and other income-generating activities. One important development goal for low-skilled migration is to improve the well-being of migrant workers and their families by maximising the advantages of movement and minimising its costs, notably the monetary costs involved with finding work overseas.
• to investigate the factors that influence international migration (economic, political, demographic, humanitarian, and climatic).
• to comprehend the economic potential of migration from Kerala, given that the bulk of migrants were either uneducated or unskilled;
• understand the implications of globalisation and emerging new trends on migration patterns;
• to count migrants in order to determine their precise quantity, destination, duration, and remittances in order to help policymakers develop appropriate policies;
• to assess public policies on migration and their effects on the economic and social reintegration of returnees
• to react immediately when anything concerning migrants occurs at large

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JOURNAL OF MIGRATION RESEARCH (JMR) is the Chair’s official publication, planning to publish annually, that includes the writings of migration specialists from around the world in the form of papers and blogs. It would undoubtedly contribute useful current information concerning multiculturalism and migration. Case studies, policy briefs, methodology papers, as well as research and review articles, can be published in the journal to support the open and rapid sharing of knowledge about migration. Each publication will be subjected to open and transparent peer review. If you are interested in contributing an article to the JMR, sending a thematic collection on a topic linked to the Chair, or have any other inquiries, please contact us at mkhajichair@psmocollege.org


M.K Haji Sahib
(Founder of the College)

irudaya rajan

(The International Institute of Migration and Development, India and Chair Professor of Migration, World Bank KNOMAD)

The Steering Committee of the Chair
The Steering Committee is composed of:
Janab MK Bava Sahib, Chairman, PSMO College Management Committee
Dr. Azeez K, Principal
Dr. Shibinu S, Director of the Chair
Ms. Ramla K, Programme Secretary

Feel free to contact the Director of the Chair
Dr Shibinu S, 91 9495678449
mkhajichair@psmocollege.ac.in, shibinusbs@gmail.com